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negative comments, bad reviews , bad critics

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you have bad reviews

You have bad reviews

A little scare?

if this is real... what you can do?

Who is not afraid of bad reviews?

And who can guarantee that will not have bad reviews in the future ?

The world really changed...
the unreasonable customers too much & you can't do anything to them...

I always suggest people that do bad reviews defense first
Suppose you have a product that earn $10
You loss probably 100 one month.
Then, you have loss more than $12,000 one year

How I know?
Because I have a deep experience...
In the end, I still have to spend dozens of times what I originally had to pay.
And loss my customer trust more than begin

Now or later,  it’s better to do a good defense... Do you think so?

And if you already have bad reviews...
You are upset that don't know how to do ?
You can mail me, maybe I can help you how to fix it

Addition, some practical methods of marketing

# Fast SEO marketing
# Monopoly SEO marketing

One click advertising cost about $5 ~ 10
Just 10,000 clicks
You already cost $50,000 ~ 100,000

But I can give you 10,000 clicks on a website in the least

If you're using Monopoly SEO marketing
It should be 100,000 a year
And I can let you monopoly in your keyword search

If you need this, you can reply to me

Other you have encountered any difficulties or special needs
Welcome to reply me
Maybe I know a better solution to you

also can discuss about marketing
All be welcome

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